Sometimes I wish the clock would stop ticking,
That it would stop running towards later, tomorrow.

One second
Just one second held in space,
Held for a minute.

One second
One second to think about the day here open,
About the rushing of time from a minue to the other,
Automatic, brainless succession of actions.
One second to acknowledge the vanishing of reason.

One second
An instant so I can sit down, pause and listen
To the beatings of a heart so close, so close to mine
Which vital melody is constantly covered
By the tremendous noise of soulless mecanisms.

One second
An instant long enough to hold the craziness
Of words put together without any meaning,
Of ears deaf to our cries even though they’re open,
Of smiles on all mouths but which are fake mimics,
Of notions which meaning we can no longer tell.

I would like this second, just a glimpse of an eye
On a day when the tears are so begging to dry,
When we are all equal in front of the Reaper,
When the fear of the worst is reaching its climax.

Just give me that second so I can hear this heart,
Hold it in my bare arms and say yes, I heard you
– Necessary return to the essence of life
Far from mankind’s madness and stubborn ideas.

I would just like to have a sand grain of the Time,
Only to breathe again, meditate and listen
To the primary whisper of essential beings,
this polymorphic whisper embracing the whole self
And bringing life to us regardless of men’s say.

I would like a second
I would like an instant
I would like the beatings of this heart close to mine..